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Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions Information Security Program

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, a registered transfer agent, maintains an information security program to address the risk that customer information acquired in the course of its business is disclosed inadvertently without authorization, misused, altered, destroyed, or otherwise compromised.

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Company Information


Thank you for your interest in Morgan Stanley. Effective September 8, 2017, our stock transfer agent changed from Computershare to Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc. Welcome information is being sent to current shareholders with contact information for Broadridge as well as details on how to log into your on-line account via a secure portal.

Your Morgan Stanley account number has not changed. Your new Broadridge account number, matches your prior account number without the initial letter “C” and the leading zeros. When enrolling in the shareholder portal, the Broadridge code will auto populate in the first account number box. Insert your account number minus the initial letter “C” and leading zeros in the second box.

Dividend Information

Record Date 10/31/2022
Quarterly Dividend Rate $0.775/Common Share
Payable Date  11/15/2022

Data is delayed by 15 minutes.



Stock and Dividend Plans

Dividend Reinvest Plans (DRIP) is a plan provided on behalf of corporations to simplify investment activity.

DRIPs offer shareholders the convenience of reinvesting dividends, minimizing the expense and effort associated with dividend checks.

Note that all shares held in a plan will be in DRS (book-entry) form. Certificates will not be issued for shares held in a plan.

Enrolling in a plan

  1. DRIP - You may elect to have your dividends reinvested in any of the following ways:
    1. Make the selection via your online account. You will find the information under the "Dividend Payment Options" section of the website.
    2. Make the selection by filling out the form on your account statement and returning it to Broadridge.

Changing plan elections
You may change your plan investment decisions by taking the following steps:

  1. Visit your online account and change your investment elections in the appropriate plan section.
  2. Change your elections by completing the form on your account statement and returning it to Broadridge.

Selling shares held in a plan
You may sell shares held in a plan by taking one of the following steps:

  1. Transfer shares to your broker via the transfer process (see FAQ "Transfers").
  2. Request that Broadridge facilitate the sale of your shares by completing the form attached to your account statement and returning it to Broadridge.


When will I receive my 1099?
Form 1099s are typically mailed or sent electronically in January according to IRS guidelines. You should receive your 1099 by mid-February.

How can I obtain a copy of my 1099?
You may download and print a copy of a Broadridge issued 1099 by accessing your online account at investor.broadridge.com. If you have not established an online account, you may follow the online instructions or contact us via the 800 number on your account statement or this site.

Ownership Types

What is a "registered" shareholder?

A registered shareholder is the owner of record on the books of the corporation, generally kept by the transfer agent. The registered shareholder may be an individual, a trust, a broker, etc. Registered shareholders receive dividends, proxies and other communications directly from the corporation via the transfer agent or the corporation directly.


What are "street name shares" or "beneficial shares"?

Securities held in a brokerage account, and registered in the name of the broker or other institution, are referred to as being in "street name" or "beneficial shares." If you keep your stock with your broker in a broker account, you are a "street name" holder and are not directly registered on the company's records as maintained by the transfer agent. Company mailings, including dividends, will reach you through your broker. If you wish to move your shares from registered to beneficial ownership, Broadridge or your broker will help you do so.

What are the more common types of security registrations?

Individual Registration

This registration gives sole ownership to the single individual and requires that the person's legal name be used. The use of a first name is desirable. Example: Mary Smith is preferred instead of M Smith.

Joint Registration

Several types of Joint Registration exist including Joint Tenants with right of survivorship, Tenants by the Entirety and Tenants in common.

Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship

This registration is used when two or more individuals have equal claim to the shares. Should one of the parties die, ownership of the shares passes to the surviving tenant(s). Example: Mary Smith & Barbara Smith Jt Ten.

Tenants In Common

This registration allows an appropriate portion of the shares to pass to the estate of the holder upon the holder's death rather than to the surviving tenant. Example: Mary Smith & Barbara Smith Ten Com.

Custodial Registration

There are several custodial registrations possible. A custodial registration requires the names of the custodian and the beneficial owner. A custodial registration for a minor is a common form of this registration type. For example: Mary Smith Cust Don Smith NY Unif Trans Min Act.

Trust Registration

Registering shares in the name of a Trust requires that specific information be provided: the name of the trust and/or the maker or beneficiary and the date of the trust instrument. For example: Mary Jones Tr U/A dtd 4/15/98 The Mary Jones Trust FBO Mary Jones.

Ownership Questions

How do I transfer my stock and retain as registered shares?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm that Broadridge is the transfer agent - our name will usually appear on your account statement.
  2. Please send us a letter of instruction signed by all registered owners stating your intent to transfer.
  3. The letter of instruction must be accompanied by a Legal Transfer Form bearing the appropriate signature(s).
  4. The signature(s) must be guaranteed by a financial institution participating in an officially recognized Medallion Signature Guarantee Program (see below). Note that this is different from having your signature notarized.
  5. Include any additional instructions indicating how you wish the shares to be transferred. These instructions should provide the name, address and social security number for each transferee and should indicate the number of shares to be transferred. In some cases additional documents will be required to complete the transfer. Please refer to page two of the Legal Transfer Form for additional document requirements based on your stock transferring situation.

How do I transfer registered shares to beneficial or street shares via my broker?

  1. Contact your broker directly.
  2. Your broker will ask for some basic information about your account, including:
    1. The issuer of the shares
    2. The transfer agent name (Broadridge)
    3. Your account number (obtain from your statement or online account)
    4. The number of shares you wish to transfer
  3. The broker will then have the shares transferred from Broadridge to your brokerage account.

What is a medallion signature guarantee?

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) entitles transfer agents and corporate issuers to receive signature guarantees to protect them against fraudulent and unauthorized transfers. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations define the financial institutions that are eligible to provide such signature guarantees, e.g., commercial banks, brokers, credit unions, savings and loan institution. Signature Guarantee Programs have been developed and eligible financial institutions which subscribe to such programs are issued "Medallion Guarantee Stamps". Transfer agents are obligated to ensure that such stamps appear on the transfer documents and are entitled to refuse a transfer of shares if a signature is not guaranteed with a stamp. A notary stamp is not acceptable when transferring the ownership of stock.

Annual Meeting and Dividend Dates

Please refer to the Morgan Stanley Investor Relations Site for updated information.

Key Contacts

  • Investor Inquiries

    Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
    P.O. Box 1342
    Brentwood, NY 11717
    Phone: 1-800-622-2393
    International: 720-414-6858
    Fax: 215-553-5402 

    M-F, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

    Overnight Deliveries

    Broadridge Shareholder Services
    c/o Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
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